Andela Challenges And How I Have Adapted To Them

Adrian Sebuliba
1 min readJul 10, 2017


Thanks to the perpetual support from my LFA, team and my other fellow boot-campers i managed to make it to bootcamp week2. In this blog post im going to discuss the challenges i faced while was in bootcamp.

Since im originally a backend developer i found it challenging to understand and use front end technologies such as bootstrap and proper use of css. However i was able to practice using these after seeking help and guidance from my teammates and fellow boot-campers.

Poor Internet connection at home is one of the many challenges i have faced during Self Learning Clinic of the bootcamp. However, i was able resolved this challenge by going cyber cafes

Frequent power outage at home that i could’nt work on my project from home was also another challenge.

However i have been able to fully utilize the abundant internet at Andela offices and i was able to utilize the electricty whenever i would get the chance and time.

Thanks to the very supportive stuff at the offices we were allowed to stay for late hours as we worked on our projects.