My Experience At Andela Bootcamp sofa (Day4)

Adrian Sebuliba
1 min readAug 17, 2017

Today is the forth day that i document my experience at the Andela bootcamp.

Today at the bootcamp we had to finish up where we left off from day 3’s challenge that is to is to create an application that allows users to record and share things they want to spend money on meeting the needs of keeping track of their shopping lists. The Required Features of the application are:

Users create accounts

Users can log in

Users create, view, update and delete shopping lists.

Users can add, update, view or delete items in a shopping list

This is the challenge that we were to develop over a period of 4days. On the final day of the challenge i had picked a lot from my fellow members and my LFA at the bootcamp for example integrating badges to github repo, writing unit tests for the application, learn’t flask web framework, and deploying the application to the cloud on heroku.

As i wait for my final day which is day 5 at Andela boot camp week 1 must say that the challenge was’nt at all easy to crack but it helped me gain confidence in using python when designing web applications. So here i am waiting for day 5 where we will be given another challenge. #TIA challenges keep on coming.