My Most recent challenging learning experience

Adrian Sebuliba
1 min readOct 30, 2017

In this blog post, i document my most recent learning experience during the Self Learning Clinic (SLC) at Andela.

The most recent challenging learning experience I encountered in Andela boot-camp Self Learning Clinic was learning front-end technology for the web and then developing front-end using bootstrap. For a long time I never used to like learning front-end technologies for example bootstrap, However, by the end of day1 of the SLC I found my self quite comfortable and becoming good at front-end design despite my previous negative attitude towards front-end technologies. Because I am new to front-end, I found my self-asking around for help from my fellow boot-campers and teammates, it was really a challenging experience for me. But that didn’t stop me from diving into the challenge head-on because I also learned that a developer is supposed to have a growth mindset in order o learn new things and improve on the already existing knowledge.

After series of trials and playing around with the CSS, HTML5, and bootstrap, I finally got the hang of bootstrap and understood how to put the different components together. I am happy that I was finally able to tackle this challenge with great joy and overcome it as a result, improving on my knowledge in the process.