My Most Recent Challenging Learning Experience

Adrian Sebuliba
1 min readAug 14, 2017


In this blog i document my most recent challenging learning experience.

During the Self Learning Clinic day one Andela boot-camp, we were given our first challenge that involved creating Shopping List Web Application that comprised of four challenges. The first challenge was to write design a front-end for the web application using CSS and HTML. Since i am originally a backend person, i found this to be quite challenging and i had to ask around for help from my fellow boot-campers and team mates.

This process has taught me a lot about frontend web development- an area i used to avoid whenever i was given a task that involved website development in the field.

The other challenge has been poor Internet connection and frequent power outage at home when i was attempting the challenges during the SLC. However, i have been able to over come this challenge by visiting cyber-cafes in town to access a much better connection.

This is my first time documenting my recent challenging experience during my Self Learning Clinic cohort 3 with Andela . I will continue posting such blog posts about my journey with Andela to becoming a world class software developer. So please leave a comment or two and advise me on how i can improve on my blogging skills along the way.