The Andela BootCamp Experience

Adrian Sebuliba
2 min readJul 4, 2017


During this period of two days with Andela i have come in contact with many techies. I have mixed with them freely. I had intimacy with many Andelans in my team and other teams. Some have become my real friends. I will never forget them in life.

My first first day at the bootcamp was certainly an experience. The first day of at the bootcamp was about getting tasks done in the most efficient and professional way using collaborative tools such as git a version control tool and a remote repository and Trello a project tracking tool.

I have been able to understand that commitiment and team work as some of the core values in practice at Andela. Today my second day i was having issues with my git repo i thought i wasn’t going to finish my tasks. But thanks to team spirit that Andela values hold i have been able to resolve the issue and everything worked out fine. My teamates have been very supportive and helpful.

The facilitators are very understanding people because i remember yesterday -my first day at the bootcamp i faced an issue of slow internet connection while i was trying to configure my ubuntu linux pc for use with git. The system first required me to update the entire kernel via the “sudo-apt-get update” command. Which took up to surprisingly close to 6 hours to completely update everything so that i could use git and install vitrualenv for my project setup. However thanks to my supportive LFA after explaining to him my problem i was added some extra time to finish up my tasks.

And as of today my second day, the day ended up quite well because i have now completely gained more experience in how professional high class software comes to life, typically. I have mastered the art of collaboration via git a version control system and a public remote repo and how to use them effectively thanks to the helped offered by the members of my team and other teams doing the bootcamp today

My belief is that as i go on picking more pro skills on how to develop excellent world class software -which is the Andela tradition- along the way during my remaining time at Andela, i will achieve my dream of becoming a world class software developer. Come what may.